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Speech Therapy Kinela

What Does a Speech Pathologist Do?

Speech pathologists – sometimes referred to as speech therapists – are trained individuals who can assess, diagnose, treat, and prevent communication problems in children and …

zero chop healthy chicken wrap recipe

Zero chopping accessible chicken wrap recipe

What is an accessible cooking recipe? For people with a permanent or temporary physical disability involving mobility impairment, cooking can present some challenges. A person …

top 10 health benefits of kinela meals

What makes Kinela meals so good?

The top 10 health benefits of eating Kinela meals We break down everything you need to know about Kinela’s main meals and how they can …


“Ask Martha” – Creating an effective NDIS budget

4 tips for effectively budgeting out your NDIS plan funding When you first receive your NDIS funding, it can look like you suddenly have quite …

Meet martha siede

“Ask Martha” – Meet our new columnist, Martha Siede

Kinela is proud to be launching a brand new series, “Ask Martha” — a monthly column where our resident expert Martha Siede shares practical tips, knowledge and advice on navigating the world of the NDIS.

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