Recycling and packaging

Discover how to dispose of all Kinela packaging responsibly and sustainably.

Our commitment to the environment

We know you care about our environment – and so do we. As a Certified B Corporation, our commitment to minimising our environmental impact is nationally recognised and measured. Please help us do even better by disposing of your Kinela packaging responsibly.

How to re-use your Kinela packaging

Before you dispose of your Kinela packaging, think about how you might re-use it instead!

Kinela Delivery Box

Delivery boxes

Our delivery boxes are the perfect size for storing photos, books or household items. Save them for the next time someone moves house or donate them to a local moving company.

Thermal Liner Kinela Box

Thermal liners

Our thermal liners aren't just great at keeping things cool, they also keep things protected with layers of air cushions! Re-use the liners as a postal satchel or to protect delicate items when storing or moving them.

New Gel Packs Kinela

Gel packs

Our gel packs are great for keeping your lunchbox or picnic meals cool; taking grocery shopping to keep perishable items cool; or keeping handy in the freezer in case of an injury!

It's all recyclable.

How do you responsibly dispose of Kinela packaging?


Remove any labels, compact the box down and place in your recycling bin

Thermal liners

Suitable for recycling at REDcycle bins in supermarkets across Australia. Visit for locations.

Meal packaging

The soft plastic lid seal on the tray can be recycled in the soft plastics bin at your local supermarket. The hard plastic tray can be recycled in your household recycling bin.

Gel packs

To recycle the gel packs the gel needs to become a liquid. To do this, simply snip the corner of your gel pack, add a teaspoon of salt and shake the contents. Once liquid, you can pour the contents down the sink without blockages and the outer pouch can be recycled. Alternatively, you can empty the gel into your garden where it can help the soil retain water OR place back in the freezer and pop into your Kinela cooler bag to keep things cool when you’re on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

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