Managing Mealtimes

New Programs – Mindset and Managing Mealtime

Kinela is thrilled to announce the launch of two new and exciting capacity building programs. The Mindset Program and the Managing Mealtime Programs can help you develop skills to be a happier and healthier you. With our team of passionate allied health clinicians, you will learn NDIS service strategies to build and maintain a positive mindset to achieve your goals, manage stress, and plan your meals effectively.

Mindset Program

Our new Mindset Program will give you the tools to gain greater self-awareness and make healthier choices. The way you think can have a great impact on the way you experience mealtimes. Placing yourself in a positive, healthy mindset can give you the ability to eat at the right time for your body, portion your meals correctly, and feel good after you eat. Our Mindset Program will give you the tools to master your mind and achieve positive health outcomes.

Mind-Body Health

How you think influences how you eat. You’re most likely to abandon healthy eating habits when you’re stressed. However, if you approach mealtimes with a mindset focused on your long-term wellbeing, you’re better able to stick to a healthy diet. This means that you can train your brain to approach mealtimes in a more positive way, no matter what your day might throw at you.

Working with our professional clinicians in our new Mindset Program, you will learn about:

  • Mindful Eating
  • Learning Hunger Signals
  • Dealing with Stress
  • Understanding Emotional Eating
  • Practising Gratitude


A healthy lifestyle isn’t only about having a healthy body. It’s about having a healthy mind, as well. Using these strategies to link mind and body health goals can help promote your overall wellbeing.

Managing Mealtime Program

Mealtime can be a stressful time of day. At Kinela, we understand that balancing a busy schedule with meal preparation and health goals can be difficult. During our Managing Mealtime Program, our clinicians and occupational therapists can help you develop the skills to prepare for mealtime in an organized, effective way to alleviate stress and promote positive health outcomes.

Mealtime Stress

Australian statistics firm McCrindle Research has determined that three in five Australians feel stressed during mealtimes. Additionally, about one-third of Australians feel guilty if they feel the meals they prepare aren’t healthy enough. Mealtime stress is a real problem that confronts many Australians – Kinela is here to help you avoid that stress.

Our team of skilled allied health clinicians can help you manage stress so you can enjoy your mealtimes. With our Managing Mealtime Program, our clinicians will teach you about:

  • The Power of Meal Planning
  • Dealing with Stress at Mealtime
  • Building a Healthy Plate
  • Smart Swaps for Healthier Eating
  • The Benefits of Hydration
  • Safe Seating and Feeding Equipment


Mealtimes shouldn’t have to be stressful. With the help of our skilled clinicians and occupational therapists, preparing meals can be a relaxing and enjoyable time during your day.

Get Connected

If you are an NDIS participant, you may be eligible to participate in our Mindset and/or Managing Mealtime Program. These programs are funded under Capacity Building. To learn more, get connected with our friendly team at 1800 572 096 or fill in the form here.


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