A brand new autumn menu is here

Available to order from Thursday 18th February, 2021

Welcome to autumn at Kinela!

Autumn has arrived, and with it a new-look menu! 

The weather is starting to cool down, so we’re here to warm you up with some delicious, hearty (and healthy) meals…





Made Without Dairy

Made without dairy

Made Without Wheat

Made without wheat

new autumn meals circle

Introducing our NEW meals!

beef pot pie above new

NEW! Beef Pot Pie

w/ creamy mashed potato and peas

Meal code
vegetable frittata above new

NEW! Vegetable Frittata

w/ roast potatoes and green beans

Made Without Wheat
Meal code
creamy chicken fettuccine above new

NEW! Creamy Chicken Fettuccine

w/ a sprinkle of parmesan cheese

Meal code
homestyle lamb casserole above new

NEW! Homestyle Lamb Casserole

w/ mash potato and chunky roasted sweet potatoes

Made Without Wheat
Meal code
chocolate custard above new

NEW! Chocolate custard

(serve hot or cold!)

Made Without Wheat
Meal code
vanilla custard above new

NEW! Vanilla custard

(serve hot or cold!)

Made Without Wheat
Meal code
naked beef burger above new

NEW! Naked beed burger

w/ carrots

Meal code
chicken tikka masala above new

NEW! Chicken tikka masala

w/ rice & Aussie bean mix

Meal code
Kinela Allied Health Dietician

Changes for Meal Plan customers

Your Kinela meal plan will be getting a freshen up! The tables below show the meals that are leaving Kinela’s menu, and the new exciting swaps replacing them!

If you’d like to request a different meal swap, give our friendly customer service team a call on 1300 448 100 (press 2) by 5pm Tuesday 1st of December, and we’ll happily update this for you!

If you’ve already let us know the swaps you’d like, don’t worry — we’ve made the right adjustments for you!

Meal swaps from 18th of February

Please note: Not all replacements contain the same allergens. If you have any specific dietary requirements, please contact us so we can assist you with choosing the best meals for your needs!

autumn menu updates

Need more support? No worries! Call our friendly team on 1300 448 100 and we will gladly help you out!

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