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Kinela is the new name for Hit 100

We have some exciting changes to share; we have a new name and a new brand. Our new name, Kinela, better represents the business we are today and our vision for the future.

Our name is changing but we are not. We are the same passionate team, delivering the same delicious meals, and the same allied health services. And today, more than ever, we are driven by our core belief that better health belongs to everyone.

Kinela – new name, same spirit

We chose the name Hit 100 when the business started five years ago. We were initially focused on tackling the diabetes epidemic and Hit 100 referred to hitting your daily dietary target of 100 points.

As we expanded our offering to support people living with disability and older Australians, we outgrew the name Hit 100.

Kinela is a word that we created. It comes from the root word ‘kin’, which means family and togetherness. It reflects our values and a feeling of community support. Kinela captures the heart of who we are today, and our vision for the future…

Kinela Laura Holding New Meal Packs
Kinela member, Laura, with Kinela dietitian, Hannah.

Our impact so far

We have always believed that health and wellbeing are fundamental human rights. Our mission is to radically change healthcare for the people who need it most. 

We’ve come a long way since we started in 2014. We have delivered more than 400,000 meals to our customers. Our dietitians have completed more than 4,000 hours of service. And as a registered provider in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), we have delivered over $1.1M in savings on food costs to our customers, that were then able to be reinvested into other vital supports. 

As a Certified B Corporation, Kinela is a for-purpose company that makes social responsibility our business. We’ve built purpose into our DNA and into our business model, so that our positive impact grows in line with our business. We do our bit to give back by pledging 1% of our employee time and product each year to charities. So far, more than 15,600 meals have been donated through partnerships with Oz Harvest and Food Bank. We’re proud of that. 

Kinela is currently supporting more than 2,000 people in five states and territories across Australia. We see a much greater need and we have big ambitions to reach many, many more.

Managing Mealtimes
500Kinela member, Jessica, with her Kinela dietitian, Monika.

Our name and logo may be changing, but we’re not.

We’re excited to bring Kinela to life. Kinela will enable us to elevate our business and continue to challenge the status quo, creating more innovative and expert health and wellbeing solutions. 

Our services are designed to empower people living with disability and older Australians to build healthy habits and lead happier, healthier and more independent lives:

Nutritious home-delivered meals

Our menu still has the same delicious and nutritious meals , plus more meals and snacks to choose from. As always, our expert team of nutritionists and dietitians will be making improvements and adding fresh seasonal meals to the menu, so be sure to check out the latest offering online at

Access to healthcare professionals

Our health experts are still the same passionate team. And as we expand our healthcare services beyond dietetics to include occupational therapy and speech therapy, you may see some friendly new faces in our allied health professionals team.

Personalised health programs

Kinela capacity building programs are designed and delivered by our team of health experts. Our 10-week programs, such as “Independent Living” and “Healthy Living” will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need for daily living and making healthy changes that last.

What does this mean for you?

There are some things to be aware of as we start to roll out the new Kinela brand. is our new website. Customers can still use their Hit 100 username and password to log in and order your meals. If you visit the Hit 100 website after our launch date, you will be redirected to If you have any problems logging in, you can call us on the same phone number we’ve always been on – 1800 572 096. 

Our email addresses have changed too, but you don’t have to worry about remembering them because our Hit 100 details will still work. They will just be redirected to our new emails.

Our meal packaging has an exciting new design. It could take some time to change our packaging to the Kinela brand, so you may see a mix of Kinela and Hit 100 branding on your meals and snacks for a little while. 

While we’re trying our best to implement the new brand with as little disruption as possible, there could be some speedbumps along the way. We ask for your patience with us as we make these changes. We’re committed to doing the best job here to better serve your needs. 

We love hearing from you, so please get in touch if you have any questions or need any help. You can reach us at [email protected] or 1800 572 096.

A message from our Co-Founder & CEO

Watch this video from Karn Ghosh, Co-Founder and CEO of Kinela.

We have always believed that better health belongs to everyone. With this new brand comes an increased opportunity to grow our impact into communities and homes across our country.

The launch of Kinela is the start of an exciting new chapter, and we’re thrilled to continue to take people on the journey to better health.

We love feedback so please get in touch to let us know what you think.

Your Kinela team

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