Kinela Values

How we live our values

Values are essential to every organisation. They ensure that a company always acts consistently with its core beliefs. At Kinela, our values guide us in times of uncertainty and have led us to our greatest accomplishments. When we are met with a fork in the road, we turn to our values to show us how to act with the best interest of our clients, our team, and our goals in mind. When you work with Kinela, you’ll feel assured to know that our team is always led by courage, empathy, integrity, ambition and generosity.

Defining our values

To define our values, we asked the experts: our team and our customers. We started our creative process by gathering every member of our team together. We brainstormed how we could encapsulate the spirit of Kinela in words. We discussed why we’re passionate about working for Kinela, and why we act the way we do. We asked some of our customers including Ricky, Martha, and Laura, about their experience with Kinela. We talked to them how our team makes them feel. We wanted to know who we are to the people who are the most important to us.

Throughout this process, we brainstormed hundreds of words trying to capture who we are as a company. Sorting through all of the options, we saw patterns emerging. We discovered five primary themes: courage, empathy, integrity, ambition, and generosity. We think these values best embody the character of our company and our people. We’re proud of our values.

Infographic Values 1

What our values mean to our team

Lead with courage

“The progress we’ve made as a company is in part due to the courageous team, both past and present, who’ve taken the opportunity to change things for the better. I believe such courageousness is a reflection of the courage demonstrated by our customers. It’s palpable, motivating, and fuels us in our mission to help provide better health for everyone. Turns out courage can be contagious after all.”
Joshua Preston
Health Promoter

Embody empathy

“Empathy is important to Kinela because we believe we need to step into another person’s shoes to gain insight into their lives and understand their point of view. We consistently seek input and feedback from our customers to better understand what our they want and need from us to reach their health goals. Every person has a different story, and so empathising with our customers is critical to helping us support them in improving their health and wellbeing.”
Paula Tran
Customer Service

Act with integrity

“Integrity is a value I strongly identify with at Kinela. It’s rare to work in a business that truly puts it’s customers first in everything it does, no matter how difficult the requirements. At Kinela, this has always been how we operated and I can’t imagine it any other way.”
Liz Brown
Customer Experience Manager

Driven by ambition

“I identify with our value Ambition because I enjoy challenges. I learn the most when I’m challenged and trying to change the status quo. As a company, Kinela is also driven by ambition. We are constantly looking for improvements in our processes to fulfil the demand and deliver beyond expectations. Every decision made at Kinela is full of ambition towards delivering the best service to every customer and supplier.”
Dany Kinela
Supply Chain Coordinator

Respond with generosity

“Kinela’s values are part of the reason that I joined this organisation. Generosity is a central theme in this business. Our dietitians will always take extra time to meet our participants’ needs. Our food services team focuses on generous portions, nutrition and ingredients of the highest quality. We also give back to our community- as a B-Certified business we are mindful of paying equal attention to profit and purpose. We give a significant amount of our time and services to aligned charities and put an emphasis on living our values.”
Anthony Kinela
Director of Partnerships

As you can see, our values inform the way we live out our mission and everything we do.

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