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How to make mealtimes better for everyone

Eating healthy food can have huge impact on your health and wellbeing. This is why it is important to have access to dietitian-approved meals. It is also important that mealtimes are an enjoyable part of the day. One way to get the most out of mealtimes is to share it with the ones you care about the most.

Family mealtime or sharing meals with those in your circle of care can have many benefits. There is a range of physical, mental and emotional benefits of sharing mealtimes.

The benefits of shared mealtimes:

  • Family/shared meals tend to be more nutritious

It has been shown that families are twice as likely to consume their 5 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit when mealtimes are shared.

  • Positive family relationships

Shared mealtimes provide the opportunity for family members or your circle of care to come together and build better relationships. As a result, you can experience a sense of belonging and improved self-esteem.

  • Relieves stress from mealtimes

Life can get busy – work, providing full-time care. Sitting down with your family with a healthy, ready-made meal can reduce the stress from a busy day.

  • Kinela meals provide you with nutritionally balanced delicious meals

The meals you buy from a restaurant or fast-food chain tend to have greater amount of calories and larger portions than a homemade or Kinela meal. Kinela meals are nutritionally balanced providing you with all the nutrients you need in a perfectly portioned delicious meal.

Kinela companion meals

The Kinela brand promotes togetherness. We acknowledge that the role of families and carers is often essential in supporting people with disability to realise their goals. This is why we want to include carers in the participant’s journey to better health by making our healthy meals available through Kinela companion meals.

Companion meals can now be purchased at a discounted rate and sent with a customer’s order. This means that another member of your household can also eat Kinela meals with you.

To benefit from sharing mealtimes through Kinela companion meals, simply register your interest here or call us on 1800 572 096.

If you wish to learn how to take the stress out of mealtimes, the Kinela Managing Mealtime Program could be right for you. Learn more here.

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