Meals for two

Make the journey towards better health together.

Discounted meals for those in your circle of care

Food is even better when it’s shared. We offer companion meals for anyone in your circle of care, at a discounted rate—so you can enjoy mealtimes together.

Get a health buddy

Having a health buddy can help you to stay motivated and feel supported. Kinela meals can help you both reach your health goals!

Provide for your friends & family

Gain a greater sense of independence and pride from being able to provide ready-made, healthy meals for your loved ones.

Say thank you

Thank those who support you with the gift of better health! Every Kinela meal has a great range of benefits.

How it works

You can add companion meals to any of your Kinela food orders. When you order a minimum of 7 main meals, you can also order Kinela companion meals for anyone in your household.

The cost

As some of the costs of delivery and preparation are already covered as part of your original NDIS order, companion meals can be purchased at a discounted rate.

Main meals: $8.95 Breakfast: $4.95

Why you’ll love Kinela meals

Kinela Made For You

Made for you

Kinela Healthy Meals


kinela staff discussing meal plan to client

Personalised support

Kinela menu

80+ tasty options

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks available

Delivered direct to your door

Personalised meal plans

Where do we deliver?

Kinela delivers to over 4,000 postcodes (and growing!) across NSW, ACT, VIC, QLD and SA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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